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Medical Center Laboratory has made a commitment to offer the local medical community the best possible laboratory service for physicians.  To achieve this, we are setting the highest standards in reliability, service and quality.  Compare our standards with your current referral laboratory and we think you will agree that Medical Center Laboratory has a commanding advantage. 

QUALITY FIRST - This commitment to quality stems from its founding and direction by our pathologists.  These physicians are inherently aware of the need for precision and accuracy in laboratory testing. Stringent guidelines have been developed for all laboratory procedures.

HIGH CALIBER PERSONNEL - Strict criteria are used in the hiring of all personnel.  Each section has a pathologist assigned and technologists are ASCP registered.  Laboratory procedures and results are continuously monitored by our pathologists.


CONTINUING EDUCATION - We support and encourage employees who wish to further develop their professional careers through our many continuing educational programs.

COMPREHENSIVE QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM - At the heart of our high performance level is a thorough, responsive Quality Assurance Program.  The system consists of a variety of quality control specimens, both internal and external, comparative review of previous data for consistency and individual, in-depth investigations to identify possible flaws thereby improving our efficiency and accuracy.



Uniquely capable because we are a part of the local medical community, Medical Center Laboratory is able to offer these special services:

  • Stat Service:  Our laboratory can offer local physicians a wide spectrum
    of laboratory tests most commonly ordered in emergencies.
  • Less Than 24-Hour Turnaround on Most Routine Testing:  Because we
    are local, routine procedures can be called and/or faxed to your office the
    same day they are requested.  Hard copy results on other tests will be delivered promptly to your office.
  • Friendly Courier Service:  Strategically timed pickup of specimens offer
    the physician's excellent turnaround times.
  • Specialized Client Service:  Inquiries and individual requests will be
    handled by staff members specifically trained in customer service.  Our
    unique capabilities allow us to get the answer - and get it fast.
  • A 7-Day, 24-Hour Per Day Laboratory:  Should the physician need
    laboratory testing capabilities at "off hour" times, Medical Center Laboratory offers that capability for your practice.
  • Esoteric Testing Service:  Tests that are not performed at Medical
    Center Laboratory will be referred to Mayo Medical Laboratories in
    Rochester, MN. However, we can at the request of the physician, reference
    the test to the clinical laboratory of the physician's choice.  This offers the physician's practice a flexibility not found with large referral laboratories.
  • Availability of a Local Pathologist:  The pathologists at Medical Center Laboratory are part of the local medical community, and can be contacted
    daily by phone or in person.


Our Client Services Department is available to you seven days a week; 24 hours/day.

(731) 541-7990

(800) 642-1703